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Albury | Olympus XA4 Macro | AgfaPhoto Vista Plus 200

Last month I was in Albury for a couple of days. I didn’t have many opportunities to shoot during this trip, but I managed to get through most of a roll of AgfaPhoto Vista Plus 200. I had made a last-minute shopping stop at Michaels and had hoped to get slow (ISO 100) film, as the forecast was hot and sunny, but this was the slowest they had.

Houses, Albury, NSW Cool colourful roofs!

This was my first time using this film… Looks fine to me.

Park, Albury, NSW
I was left alone at the local park for a while… Unfortunately, I’m neither small nor nimble enough to use the playground. So I played with my camera instead.

I think this is only the second roll of film I’ve shot in my XA4. I like the camera—I actually like zone focus / scale focus cameras (I adore my Rollei 35 SE). I’m faster at guessing the distance than focusing a rangefinder. (Yeah… I need to work on my rangefinder focusing speed.) And when I saw the results of the first roll of film, I thought the XA4 was great.

However, I found that I wasn’t any good at shooting at 28 mm. I’m used to shooting at 35 mm and 40 mm. The composition of most of the photos was off.

Albury Railway Station
Waiting for a taxi at Albury Railway Station.

I decided I wanted to take the XA4 on this trip because it’s small and light. (The XA4 weighs 230 g; the Rollei 35 SE weighs 335 g. Also, the XA4 has a built-in case; the 35 SE doesn’t.) And isn’t 28 mm supposed to be good for landscapes?

I guess I could’ve taken my XA… If it didn’t suffer from light leaks. I need to get that fixed. (And then I need to practise focusing with it!)

Mind the steps
Mind the shadow.

Speaking of the XA family: I recently realised I also own an XA2 (no idea how, where or when I got it!). But it doesn’t seem to be in working order. (Unsurprising, given its well-worn appearance.) I can’t move the focusing lever. Hmm, what to do with it?

Clock tower at Albury Railway Station
The station was built in 1881.

So about my 28 mm focal length issue. I googled and found 10 beginner tips to the 28 mm focal length by The Inspired Eye. Helpful tips and great photos. I tried to learn from it… But it was probably too much for me to learn overnight—looks like those tips require practice.

But I think just by taking a few steps forward before pressing the shutter button, my photos were better than last time.

Albury Railway Station platform
It’s the longest undercover platform in the southern hemisphere.

Sign pointing to Mirambeena
I shot this because Mirambeena is actually spelt ‘Mirambeena’. And even pronounced ‘Mirambeena’.

Magpie 1
Trying to shoot a wild bird with a zone focus camera with a 28mm lens. As you do.

Magpie 2
This bird was not a cooperative model. Do not recommend.

Cabins at the caravan park
However, the cabins stood still for me.

I would have underexposed the following shot, but the XA4 Macro doesn’t have exposure compensation (apart from backlighting compensation, which is fixed at +1.5 EV). So I don’t think it was quite as bright as it looks in the photo.

Cabin morning
Morning in the cabin.

Golf buggy at the caravan park
I thought it was cool how the staff got around the little caravan park in this buggy. I guess it’s a necessity in such a hot place. [No pun intended.]

Say cheese on the purse
Back in Melbourne. (Taken from inside a tram.) I used to meet my friends at The Purse when I was a youngin’. I was too square to climb on it. Still am.

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